Tile & Carpet Cleaning

Let’s face it, money is tight these days. Many of us who want to enhance our home decor just can’t afford new floors or carpets, but Griggs & Browne can provide the next best thing - great cleaning services for all your tile, floor and carpet needs.

Preserve your floors and carpeting longer by cleaning and protecting them. 

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Our Cleaning Services

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Our Locations

Servicing Rhode Island, Eastern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut.

Cleaning Map

Waterford, CT  //  1-800-962-3296
Providence, RI //  1-800-924-8886
Abington, MA  //  1-800-244-1012
Buzzards Bay, MA  //  1-800-339-2212

Hiring a Cleaner

  • Be careful of any company that contacts you by phone or that advertises a cleaning price by the room.
  • Ask for references
  • Be sure that they are bonded & insured.
  • Make sure that you select a cleaning professional with certification from an organization that certifies professionals.

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