Griggs & Browne Cleaning Services

Our carpet and tile professionals are equipped with the latest truck mounted cleaning equipment for a deep and thorough cleaning of your floors, grout, carpets and area rugs.

Cleaning and protecting your carpets and floors can not only extend the life of your investment but keep them looking better longer.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance significantly contributes to the improved overall indoor air quality of your environment. It is important to remove any trapped contaminants before they overflow and are soon released.

Allergy sufferers benefit greatly by our deep professional cleaning, aiding in the removal of most pollens, dust mites and other microscopic unseen pests.

We will move and replace most furniture and will pre-treat all spots and high traffic areas at no additional cost.

We just don’t stop at the carpets and floors, but also attend to your upholstery cleaning needs. Our highly trained technicians will carefully inspect and test your upholstery to ensure the finest cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning is effective yet gentle enough to thoroughly clean most fabrics.

Just cleaning isn’t enough. It is also vital that you protect your furniture and rugs.

Griggs & Browne can help you protect your furnishings by applying carpet and upholstery protector. Our products form a protective barrier that will reduce and repel many liquid spills and soil, preventing deep absorption. Keeping stains to the surface of your carpets and upholstery fabrics.

Our deodorizing application will also neutralize any trapped odors caused by pets, cooking and smoking. It can be applied directly to the fabric surface after cleaning and brushed in to ensure complete coverage.


Griggs & Browne uses only the safest and most effective solutions to keep your home looking great.